Abstract State

New York

artists publication

Stories through art

contemporary art magazine


Abstract State Magazine is a brand-new art magazine based in New York that collaborates with artists around the world.

Within the pages of this magazine, woven together by the hands of artists, lies a tapestry that illuminates creators' souls. It's a sanctuary where their work finds a profound voice, allowing it to resonate with myriad influences that paint the canvas of their imagination.

how to apply?

send us an email!For submissions, kindly send an email to info@abstractstate.us introduce yourself and your artistic path, please include a brief bio/statement, ensuring each is under 300 words.For the best representation, artists must ensure their images are of high quality, with a recommended resolution of at least 300 dpi in jpeg format.Additionally, artists may submit up to three artworks, granting them the opportunity to showcase their creativity in multiple forms.